Golden Grain Bible College and School of Ministry 

Excellence in Biblical Studies

Our Heritage

Golden Grain Bible College and Seminary is an interdenominational Christian-training center for the Body of Christ.  Golden Grain has roots and original classes that date back to 1986, but has since reorganized and officially became Golden Grain Bible College & Seminary in 1989.

In April 1996, Golden Grain Bible College and Seminary became the educational outreach of Zion Ministries, Inc.  Zion Ministries is an evangelical religious non-profit corporation founded and incorporated in the State of California in 1981.  The education offered at Golden Grain is reflective of the principles of the parent corporation.

Membership and Recognition

Golden Grain Bible College and Seminary is a purely Bible - Theological and Ministry Training School.

Golden Grain operates pursuant to Section 94303(B) of the California State Education Code as an exempt institution .

Golden Grain is accredited through AICCS, Bridgeton, MO.

We have not sought for Veteran's Administration benefits or approval.